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Review: WWE 2K Battlegrounds (PS4)

Insert a coin to start.

World War Z heading to Nintendo Switch

Also getting a Game of Year Edition apparently.

Review: World War Z (PS4 Pro)

Zekes on the run.

Sink your teeth into some new screenshots for World War Z

I’m not the biggest fan of scary zombie games, or any scary game, in fact. Basically, I’d like those nightmare fuel torture devices to please stay as far away from my game library as possible. But sometimes I like to admire (from afar) games that I’ll probably never have the guts to play. World War Z is definitely on that list. Based on the 2013 film, starring Brad Pitt, World Wa...

Video: Fancy a duel? Check out Quake Champions new duel mode

One on one action with a roster of three champions. Prepare your friendship for a tough time.

A weekend with the Quake Champions beta – Ranger Danger

Quake Champions brings all the good bits of the classic game, with some tactical champion choices.

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