More than 90 million PS4 consoles sold worldwide

Marvel's Spider-Man sold close to 10 million copies.

Black Friday gaming sale, 2 pm edition

Sales on the sale ocean, sales in the sale forest. I am so tired of these now, but enjoy the bargains.

Black Friday, 11 am edition

Oh hey, we have some sales. Don't tell the Corpus what we are doing here.

Raru Black Friday deals, Thursday edition

More sales for the sales god, sales for the profit throne.

Get some games and peripherals from Raru for Black Friday

We heard you like sales. Do you like sales?

800 million Sonic games have been sold by SEGA

Now that's a whole lot of gold rings!

The PS4 has surpassed the PS3 in sales

The PS4 is still selling like Kratos-themed hotcakes.

Sony reports that 79 million PS4s have been shipped

If the PS4's growth continues, it may just become the best selling console of all time.

GTA V is now the best selling media property ever

GTA V has been raking in the dough so much that it got into the hall of fame.

Monster Hunter World is surprisingly Capcom’s best-selling game ever

It seems that a lot of people wanted to become monster hunters.

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