Friday is sale day

Discounts please?

Animal Crossing broke the single-month digital sales record in March!

Quietly becoming a monster hit with stupendous sales.

Quarantine darling Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales are soaring

It seems everyone needs this kind of distraction right now.

PS4 and Xbox One sales are down thanks to early next-gen reveal

Did the next generation of consoles get spoken about too early on?

EA is satisfied with Jedi: Fallen Order’s sales

Single-player games aren't dead after all.

PlayStation is now a Guinness World Record holder

The best-selling home video game console brand ever!

Switch Lite sales haven’t affected original Switch numbers

It's a 'second' Switch for many and more women are purchasing the Lite version.

Switch Sales in Europe hit the 10 million mark

This little Japanese number is really big in Europe...

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