Review: The Station (PC)

A space station cloaked and spying on a warring alien race has gone quiet. You need to find out why.

Super Cloudbuilt is parkouring its way to PC and consoles

Cloudbuilt, launched in 2014 for Windows PC, and was an interesting take on the then popular urban acrobatics act (parkour) mixed with Sci-fi shooter gameplay. Its emphasis was on the high paced speedrunning and high difficulty components of the game. You play as Demi, a young girl who suffered near fatal injuries in war and confined to a hospital bed in a comatose state. While in this condition, ...

Video: Earth’s Dawn looks like a stunning Sci-fi Action game

Science fiction generally gets my blood pumping, whether it’s movies, books or video games. Lately, I’ve been a little underwhelmed with the sci-fi genre, especially after Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Today I saw a trailer for Earth’s Dawn, and my blood is flowing again. It’s a 2D side-scrolling action game that looks like a brilliant blend of Gears of War and Odin Sphere. Mr K...

Prominence will transport you to the golden age of point and click

In case you felt November didn’t have enough gaming goodness in it, here is something else that looks pretty awesome heading our way. Prominence is a first-person point and click sci-fi adventure. Here is the premise of the game: “After living for generations as persecuted refugees, the Letarri people set their sights on a far-off planet as a promising new home. But when the interstell...

Review: Destiny (PS4)

Destiny is defined by what you are prepared to make of it. Simple as that.

Destiny… is in your own hands!

I know what many of you are asking. Is the hype surrounding Destiny really warranted? Does it live up to the raving that is going around, or is it just another online shooter game which is a clone of Halo and Borderlands? The answer is pretty simple. Destiny is a space adventure, no wait… a space epic, hmmm… a space epic adventure that is worth every bit of hype that it is getting. The Alpha...

Halo 2 Anniversary to Include Some Secrets


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition was a sublime rendition of what was a special game and it seems as though 343 are intent on giving Halo 2 Anniversary the same treatment. We already know that the Anniversary Edition will be fully remastered which means it will look amazing all these years after the initial release. We also know that all the maps and elements that made up its incredible mul...

The Order: 1886 Gets Cinematic

I don’t know about all of you, but when I hear the words, ‘character-driven’ together with ‘alternative history set in industrial London’ I start to get all kinds of giddy. Throw in some sci-fi and cleverly crafted weaponry and my interest is as high as can be. Sure The Order: 1886 has been delayed until 2015 {What hasn’t?}, but that doesn’t mean we can...

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