Harris’ SEGA vs Nintendo Console Wars book being made into a TV series

The historic Mario vs Sonic battle will be coming to a small screen near you.

Blast from the Past: Virtua Racing Deluxe (SEGA 32X)

Virtually the best racing game on the format.

It looks like we might see Dreamcast games on the Switch

Power Stone, Virtua Tennis, Hydro Thunder and more? This could be a good fit

Thanks to Yakuza sales, Sega wants more simultaneous international releases

Thanks to Atlus (and Kiryu-chan) for great localisation efforts and strong sales, we should see smaller gaps between Japanese and International release dates.

The Shenmue Remaster might have originally been a remake

We could have had fancy forklifts in a different world.

A Europan History in five minutes for Valkyria Chronicles 4

A quick primer on a long, bloody war.

Interestingly strange JRPG Resonance of Fate is getting remastered

Wait, how many barrels are on that gun?

Eight iconic video game sound clips that are now probably your ringtone

'Ring Ring' isn't good enough... We have nostalgia calling.

The new IP from Yakuza developers will be revealed next month

The big new IP will likely be shown at the Tokyo Game Show.

Review: Sonic Mania Plus (PS4 Pro)

Sonic speeds his way back into the hearts of gamers.

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