A Pixelated Past – Part 3: Sonic vs Mario

The SEGA history you may have stayed awake in class for...

Yakuza developers are working on a new IP

The people behind the wonderful Yakuza games are coming up with something new and fresh.

A Pixelated Past – Part 2: How Nintendo saved the world

The quirky Nintendo history you may have stayed awake in class for...

Shenmue I and II are officially being remastered for consoles and PC

Finally, you'll be able to live as Ryo Hazuki on modern hardware.

Top five video game mascots

What character typifies your favourite console maker?

SEGA announces Sonic Mania Plus along with a Sonic Racer teaser

The highest rated Sonic game in the series of late upped the horsepower and brought some new characters along with it, too.

Yakuza 6 demo removed from PSN after some players get full game

Just like unruly low-rank yakuza, some people ruin it for everyone else.

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