Interestingly strange JRPG Resonance of Fate is getting remastered

Wait, how many barrels are on that gun?

Eight iconic video game sound clips that are now probably your ringtone

'Ring Ring' isn't good enough... We have nostalgia calling.

The new IP from Yakuza developers will be revealed next month

The big new IP will likely be shown at the Tokyo Game Show.

Review: Sonic Mania Plus (PS4 Pro)

Sonic speeds his way back into the hearts of gamers.

Sega announces Idola: Phantasy Star Saga for mobile

We have a whole Idola screenshots here.

Phantasy Star coming to iOS & Android

The next Phantasy Star JRPG is for mobile.

Video: Sega shows off Valkyria Chronicles 4 Opening Movie

Nothing better than tanks and anime girls.

Xbox Store reveals the release date for Shenmue 1 & 2 HD Remaster

Prepare yourself to return to this Dreamcast classic in August.

Jim Carrey is being tipped as playing Dr. Eggman in the new Sonic movie

Alrighty then?! Hopefully, this is more Sonic than Sanic.

E3 2018: PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show had one objective this year: rain down as many games as humanly possible onto our heads.

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