Two Point Hospital developer gets snatched up by SEGA

SEGA decided to seek medical attention.

TSR is a month away. Here’s the new gameplay trailer

Sonic is speeding his way back soon...

The combat is looking solid in Streets of Rage 4

Juggling combos now included too.

SEGA has a brand new Yakuza game in development for PS4

Welcome Ichiban Kasuga as your new protagonist.

Judgment confirmed for the west in June

You won't be waiting too much longer for this Yakuza spin-off.

Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed to May for extra polish

A better game is more important than targeting a specific date.

Harris’ SEGA vs Nintendo Console Wars book being made into a TV series

The historic Mario vs Sonic battle will be coming to a small screen near you.

Blast from the Past: Virtua Racing Deluxe (SEGA 32X)

Virtually the best racing game on the format.

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