SEGA Mega Drive

Blast from the Past: Rocket Knight Adventures (SEGA Mega Drive)

It's not rocket science that you should play this.

Blast from the Past: Sunset Riders (SEGA Mega Drive)

As cowboy as the good ol' days got and sometimes still is.

Blast from the Past: Disney’s The Lion King (SEGA Mega Drive)

Everything the light touches belongs to you, the gamer.

Blast from the Past: Mortal Kombat (SEGA Mega Drive)

It does indeed test the might of the SEGA Mega Drive.

The Burning Question: What is the best first-party game controller ever made?

The device that connects you to your game experience is important, but which one do you think is best?

A Pixelated Past – Part 3: Sonic vs Mario

The SEGA history you may have stayed awake in class for...

Check out Tanglewood, a brand new game for the SEGA Mega Drive

After more than 20 years, the MEGA Drive gets a new IP.

Gamercast 16 – Getting retro with the Sega Mega Drive

Wow, the Sega Mega Drive had some weird add-ons, hey?

The Burning Question: What was the first game you purchased with your own money?

At some point in your life you stop getting mom and dad to buy you your games and instead buy it yourself. What was that first game you bought with your own money?

Blast from the Past: Jurassic Park (SEGA Mega Drive)

The Jurassic Park game that's not quite as prehistoric to play in modern times.

Play NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive and more games on your Xbox One browser right now

Remember the Nesbox app that was originally created to play various retro games on the Xbox One? Microsoft ultimately squashed it because of obvious licensing issues with Nintendo and SEGA, but that’s not stopped the developer from taking advantage of the recent unified Windows 10 operating system update. You can now quite literally play any NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive, Gameboy or Gameboy Adv...

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