Shenmue 3

Game releases for November 2019 – with predictions!

Use the Force and the Strands to kick it into gear this November!

Shenmue 3 delayed to November

After 18 years of waiting, fans can handle two more months.

Finally a Shenmue 3 gameplay trailer that looks promising

Ryo has some new gameplay footage for you

Shenmue 3 managed to raise $7 million with its Kickstarter campaign

That's quite a good amount of pocket change for this long-awaited sequel.

Yu Suzuki confirms that Shenmue 4 is already being planned

It's apparently going to take at least four games to avenge Ryo's father.

Shenmue III gets its first teaser trailer… but something isn’t quite right

Unless you're in it to complete the story you might want to look away.

Shenmue 3 gets delayed to end of 2018

After waiting so long, a little more won't hurt, right?

Yu Suzuki “could do with a bit more money” for Shenmue 3

Missed out on the Shenmue franchise? Not sure what all the fuss is about? Many years ago Shenmue was a big hit for the failing SEGA Dreamcast. It introduced a bigger world to adventure in and also gave birth to Quick Time Events. Perhaps the biggest feature that it’s remembered for is what it cost SEGA. In 1999 the first game in the series cost $70 million (just under 1 billion Rand) to crea...

Five Standout Moments From E3 2015

There are without a doubt more than just five standout moments from all the presentations this year. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section. Xbox One backwards compatibility Not so long ago Microsoft were VERY anti backwards compatibility. So much so that it was said that backwards compatibility can be seen as backwards thinking and that only a very small percentage of users would...

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