People Can Fly and Square Enix are doing a ‘AAA shooter’

The developer of Bulletstorm and Painkiller's new IP will be what they do best.

Review: Destiny 2 (PS4)

Eyes up, Guardians... Again!

Review: SUPERHOT (PS4)

It is time for the gun game. Bring your ballet shoes, because this dance is intricate.

Review: Tokyo 42 (PC)

Fiddly and frustrating at times, Tokyo 42 will turn you into the best isometric assassin ever.

Video: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Trailer

You probably know that there is a new CoD game releasing soon. You know this because CoD is possibly the most popular game each and every year and as such you need no reminding that the game is out soon, right? Many of you have probably been trying the Beta out, many of you are loving it and many of you just want the DAMN game right now. Well the wait isn’t much longer and CoD Infinite Warfa...

Bigger is better? You can pre-load Infinite Warfare Beta today!

It’s First-Person Shooter heaven at the minute with all the Overwatch action, Battlefield 1 betas and early access, Titanfall 2, and of course Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Regarding Call of Duty, the good news is that from today you will be able to start pre-loading the beta onto your PS4, if you want to. According to the time conversion, you should be able to start downloading tonight at...

Paragon Open Beta Dated

You may not have been following it, but Epic Games, the guys that brought us Gears of War, are releasing an action MOBA called Paragon later this year. The videos and trailers we have seen so far look very impressive and there are high hopes that the game will be very well received when it eventually releases. The good news is that we will get a taste of the action before the final release as Epic...

Video: CoD: Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC out today

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 may have received a slightly mixed reception when it released but one thing was for sure, the Zombies mode is/was awesome. So it comes as great news to know that the Eclipse DLC, releasing today on PS4, will include an all new Zombies chapter to play through, as well as new maps for the multiplayer experience. To celebrate the latest DLC, Treyarch have released a launch t...

Overwatch gets an Animated Short

I am a bit late to the Overwatch party, but everyone that has been taking part in the betas has been absolutely raving about the game. It’s an online multiplayer shooter that just seems to have the right balance to it to keep players coming back for more and more. So with all the raving I got to watch the trailers and some gameplay and I must say that I get the excitement for the game, which...

The Division Open Beta is Officially Live (On Xbox One)

It came as no surprise that following the closed beta, Ubisoft would open it up to everyone who wanted to try out the upcoming third person shooter-come-MMO. It makes sense as they obviously want to test how well their servers can hold up if they are anticipating a huge amount of people playing the game when it releases in just a few weeks. Destiny did the same and it worked really well for them. ...

Playing The Division Beta? Here’s how to do “your best”

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is currently getting a lot of hype with its release not too far off. After a few delays of the game and the beta we finally have a glimpse of the near finished game (we hope near finished). I played a bit of it at E3 and while I wasn’t blown away I was certainly intrigued enough to give it a bash. The beta is now available on Xbox One for those with beta keys...

New co-op shooter, Livelock, set for release in 2016

I have become a big fan of these co-op, top down shooters that keep releasing on the indie side of things. I haven’t played Helldivers yet but that’s meant to be awesome. I did get a chance to play some Alienation with the Wookie at E3 and I loved it to bits. So with the announcement of Livelock, I am quite intrigued to see in what direction they take the game, and if it’s as goo...

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