Silent Hills

A talented person used Dreams to recreate P.T.

He used the perfect game to recreate a nightmare.

No, Konami is not killing the P.T. demo on your PS4 with a sneaky patch

It seems some PS4 owners brought a horror story onto themselves.

P.T. remake gets canned by Konami, offers the creator an internship

No P.T. remake, but Konami weren't meanies about it.

6 games that we never got to play

Over the years we’ve been teased with trailers from publishers before and during conferences like E3, with various dev videos and blog posts detailing some of the work put into them and various concept artwork floating around on the internet. The fans of these franchises get really excited and I’m sure that there are quite a few of you who have anticipated the arrival of a new addition...

Allison Road, the game inspired by P.T has been cancelled

We all know the saga that was Konami vs Kojima. It was an ugly divorce that saw them parting ways, Hideo Kojima losing all recognition for Metal Gear Solid V and upcoming Silent Hills being cancelled. Kojima blew us away with the demo of P.T., which turned out to be a playable teaser for the now cancelled, Silent Hills. It got so much attention, that fans decided to kickstart the game and make the...

Hideo Kojima meets with Norman Reedus and “giving update”… is there hope?

Hideo Kojima is currently on a worldwide tour in his mission to make several important individuals aware of his status and he’s also taking some time to familiarise himself with the latest tech in gaming. Recently he was seen with Mark Cerny visiting various Sony development studios all over Europe and the US, and now he’s met up with one of the popular The Walking Dead stars, Norman R...

Norman Reedus has faith that he’ll still star in a Del Toro and Kojima game

Several months later and the fact that Konami threw away Silent Hills is still a bitter pill to swallow. Thoughts of what could have been comes streaming back whenever you start up P.T. (should you still have it on your PS4). Norman Reedus, one of The Walking Dead TV series stars, was going to portray the protagonist in the Silent Hills game and believes, even now that the game is no more, that th...

Konami says Kojima is “on vacation”, new report says he’s officially left

No one knows for sure what’s actually going on between Hideo Kojima and Konami’s partnership. Earlier this year rumours flood the internet that Hideo Kojima and Konami had parted ways after a fallout between the two. Since then Silent Hills was cancelled, P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store and, according to us and many other players, MGS V: Phantom Pain was cut short from bein...

Allison Road lands on Kickstarter

Many tears have been shed over Konami’s decision to cancel the highly anticipated Silent Hills but as we told you back in July, Allison Road hopes to fill the gap with their own game inspired by the PT, which was unceremoniously pulled from PSN earlier this year. Lilith Ltd., the London-based developer behind the project, launched their campaign on Kickstarter yesterday in an effort to raise...

del Toro and Kojima working on new project

Still crying about Silent Hills? You should, because it’s never happening. The good news however is that Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima are working together on a new project. It’s not Silent Hills, but it’s definitely something else that’s sure to be anything but common. In a discussion with IGN del Toro had the following to say when asked about his and Kojima’s ...

Sad about cancelled Silent Hills? Allison Road will fix that

After the fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami gamers have been left with nothing but a Silent Hills pipe dream. If you still have P.T. loaded on your PS4 you’re one of the lucky few as it can’t be downloaded anymore, and should your PS Plus renew it automatically gets removed. Your Silent Hills experience will soon disappear into thin air. There is some good news though. There̵...

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