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PS Plus March is full of monsters

Climb monsters and go really fast this month.

Review: The Sims 4 Discover University (PC)

Lessons, juice kegs and secret societies.

Sims team announces new community voted pack

A fairly tough choice between five cool options.

Review: The Sims 4 (PS4)

The Sims 4 is finally on console but it could have done with a UI change.

Review: The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff (PC)

Toddlers have received some new toys and styles in The SIms 4, but we don't talk about the ball pit.

Review: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff (PC)

Get fit, or set your Sims on fire on the climbing wall of death. Yes, that is how all climbing walls work, right? Flames everywhere.

Review: The Sims 4 Vampires (PC)

I am really impressed with this pack. The new decor and clothing look great and follow a cohesive theme. There's nothing that feels really out of place. Forgotten Hollow is nice little town and adds a change of scenery. The vampires themselves are where this pack really shines, from their animations to their facial customisation options to the wide variety of powers they can acquire. It's great to...

Review: The Sims 4 City Living (PC)

If you already love The Sims 4, then this expansion is a must-buy for you. If you enjoyed the Late Night or Nightlife expansions, you will probably like this one, although the focus is less on nighttime activities this time (and alas, no vampires). As you can see from the length of this review, The Sims 4 City Living has a lot to offer, and feels quite a bit meatier than the Get Together expansion...

Where have all the Sims 4 updates gone?

If you’re a Sims fan, you might have noticed that the way EA is handling The Sims 4 is quite different to how things worked in previous installments in聽the franchise. Next month, The Sims 4 will be 2 years old. In those 2 years, we’ve had 8 stuff packs, 3 game packs, 19 free updates that included new features, but only 2 expansion packs. In comparison, in its first 2 years, The Sims 3 ...

Review: The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff Pack (PC)

If your Sims enjoy outdoor activities, Backyard Stuff is the perfect stuff pack for you!

Review: The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff Pack (PC)

At last, a stuff pack for Sims 4 has arrived with content that is just for kids. If you've felt like I have that content for children has been lacking for the Sims 4, this pack is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Review: The Sims 4 – Spooky Stuff Pack

The latest stuff pack for The Sims 4 is the Halloween-themed Spooky Stuff. Like previous Sims 4 stuff packs, this one has a very specific focus. But will this DLC be enough to tide fans over until the expansion pack next month?

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