Review: Airborne Kingdom (PC)

Build your very own floating city.

Review: Little Big Workshop (PC)

Turn your desk into a workshop.

SA Gamer Awards 2018 – Best Simulation

There was a simulation to suit all tastes this year

Get ready for maximum profits in Stellaris: Megacorp

Megastructures, megacities, megaprofits. Megacorp.

Get ready to build a space colony as Maia leaves early access this week

It is time to build a colony on a harsh planet.

Review: Megaquarium (PC)

Twice Circled invites you to build the biggest aquarium ever.

Review: Two Point Hospital (PC)

Patients are waiting for you in the GP's office, doctor.

VGCW has amazing send off with a former WWE Announcer

This week marks the end of Video Game Championship Wrestling. The simulated dream-match wrestling extravaganza had its final live stream with the End Game X3 event. Yet, not satisfied with just putting an end to one of the best things to hit the internet, VGCW got some talent to provide a voice for the grand finale. Justin Roberts was a former ring announcer for WWE, announcing entrances for over ...

Review: Planet Coaster (PC)

Build the theme park of your dreams in this polished simulation game

Kerbal Space Program takes console gamers to the Moon in July

Kerbal Space Program has been one of the more offbeat indie success stories. It is a hard sell for a game based on creating authentic space mission experiences, but Kerbal has proven there is always room for more simulation games.  Kerbal Space Program has been exclusive to PC platform, but in a recent post on the official Kerbal forums, console gamers will get to play in space next month when it ...

200,000 poor little virtual people die in Cities: Skylines sewage tsunami

My wife plays The Sims a lot, so I have a good idea of how mean the gods of simulation games are to their creations and subjects. People get left to drown in pools, while others get locked in a basement, their sole purpose in life to make artworks to be sold by the rest of the family, who live in decadence upstairs. If you think that sounds like a mean thing to do to your little simulation people,...

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