Slightly Mad Studios

Review: Project CARS 3 (PS4 Pro)

Left in the dust.

Codemasters acquires Project Cars dev Slightly Mad Studios

Going to need a bigger garage for all these cars.

Slightly Mad Studios reveals plans for future Mad Box console

There's a crazy new console on the horizon.

Review: Project CARS 2 (PS4 Pro)

The crowd-funding racer returns for another lap, but slides out on the last corner to narrowly miss first place.

Slightly Mad Studios CEO calls EA ‘a$$holes and corporate monsters’

To say that he's slightly mad is an understatement, and for good reason.

Gamescom: Watch Project Cars 2 flex its horse power

Get ready for a treat, Project CARS 2 looks spectacular.

Project CARS gets Lotus themed DLC

Yes, you’ll find new DLC for Project CARS that includes three classic tracks and four new cars. The iconic Lotus 25 Climax, Lotus 38 Ford, Lotus Type 51 and the Lotus Type 40 are the ifeatured cars in this ‘Classic Lotus Track’ Expansion. The DLC is available right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Project CARS continues its commitment to deliver fresh new content and update...

6 South Africans who made it big in the games industry – and their stories

Being born and raised in South Africa often has people believing that there’s no hope in achieving your dreams or goals. That we’re somehow stuck on the tip of Africa and that we’ll remain mere plebs for the rest of our lives. There are however some South Africans who made the move abroad in the games industry and have seen great success in their specific field. Individuals who n...

No More Project Cars For The Wii U

In not so surprising new, the Wii U version of Project Cars has officially been scrapped. The game has been out for some time now and was meant to be released on Nintendo’s console, but the release was pushed back. Nintendo Life made the announcement, which was later confirmed by Andy Tudor, the Creative Director of Slightly Mad Studios. As sad as it may sound (especially for Garth), there w...

Project Cars 2 announced… through WMD Portal crowd-funding

Slightly Mad Studios have announced their future plans with regards to their crowdfunding campaign for Project CARS 2. Originally Slightly Mad partially crowdfunded the original Project CARS through its World of Mass Development platform raising €2.26 million from backers while investing €1.5 million of from their own pockets to reach the goal of €3.75 million. The studio is aiming towards a targe...

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