Eidos Montreal not too worried about the Tomb Raider/ Spider-Man release schedule

They might be saying they're not too worried, but it certainly is something in the back of their minds.

Insomniac Games won’t be developing Resistance 4 anytime soon

Dragging this old franchise out of the ground seems to be getting some resistance.

Arc the Lad R coming to mobile

Arc the Lad is coming west and to your phone.

The PS4 has surpassed the PS3 in sales

The PS4 is still selling like Kratos-themed hotcakes.

Shawn Layden calls the PS3 an ‘Icarus moment’ in the PlayStation history

Remember the time that Sony flew too close to the sun?

Cross-platform play for Fallout 76 not possible, says Todd Howard

Sony is in charge of where those country roads lead.

Opinion: Analysing this year’s E3 and what it means for gamers

E3 2018 has come and gone, but now that the dust has properly settled, let's have a look where we stand as gamers.

Microsoft and Nintendo revel in more cross-play fun at the obvious expense of their rival

Hey Sony - guess who is playing nicely and making you look bad...?

Six things that ruffled some feathers at E3 2018

From indignant outrage to um, yeah, there was a lot of anger about E3 this year.

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