Don’t expect new hardware at Sony’s E3 show

Expected the PS5, Vita 2 or PSVR 2 at Sony's E3 show? Don't count on it.

Sony reports that 79 million PS4s have been shipped

If the PS4's growth continues, it may just become the best selling console of all time.

You can expect to take some time to finish everything in God of War

God of War is setting up to be the biggest game in the series yet.

Sony reminds us of all the cool games that are exclusively available on PS4

Nothing wrong with reminding the public why you are on top.

Days Gone faces delay to 2019

We're going to have to wait a while before we can become a zombie slaying biker.

Rumour: The PS5 dev kits have already been sent out

While just a wild rumour for now, the PS5 might just be closer than we think.

Sony survey suggests that PSN name changes may be coming soon

Regret that tag you created when you were 14? It might finally be time to be rid of it.

PS4 firmware 5.50 features confirmed

The good ol' guinea pigs are testing it for us, so that when it becomes available, it work like it should... hopefully.

Kaz Hirai is stepping down as Sony CEO in April

After turning Sony around, Kaz Hirai is stepping out of the CEO position.

New patent suggests an evolution in PSVR’s controllers

That luminous ball stick might be a thing of the past.

DriveClub and Motorstorm devs create new studio with a new sci-fi IP on the horizon

Evolution Studios may be dead, but something is crawling out of the ashes.

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