Five Fallout games cleared in under two hours

The Fallout Anthology takes this guy as long as one feature film.

Prey speedrunner completes the game in under 13 minutes

At the time of writing, CreeperHntr held the Any% speedrun record with 12 minutes and 43 seconds.

The first 100% Breath of the Wild speedrun is in – it’s slower than you think

Speedrunning has become an art in the last decade or so. The extent that some gamers go through in order to be the fastest is sometimes amazing to behold. The cheeky exploits, the optimal routes, the slight adjustments that can save them a couple of seconds and just the pure dedication of it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been receiving a lot of love from speedrunners and people have...

Summer Games Done Quick streaming right now

There have been a lot of weird gaming subcultural growth with the rise of streaming services like Twitch. Speedrunning has found popularity through the more prominent platforms. Essentially, Speedrunning a game is completing it as quickly as possible. Through exploits, memorisation and skill speedrunners push the limits to do what most would think impossible. The biggest showcase for this is the c...

It takes just less than 5 minutes for this speedrunner to finish Super Marios Bros

I spent many hours of my life playing Super Mario Bros, but nowhere near as many as Darbian must have spent reaching this goal. Darbian set a new world record for an Any% run (meaning you don’t have to play every level, you just need to finish the game), breaking the previous record by 4 seconds. It takes him 4:57.627 to finish the whole game. I know people who take longer to make a cup of c...

Speedrunner ‘Beats’ Fallout 3 in Under 19 Minutes

The world of speedruns is a fascinating one, to see people complete lengthy games in mere minutes is completely mind boggling. Now, a speedrunner by the name of Rydou has managed to complete Fallout 3 in exactly 18 minutes and 53 seconds. Let that sink in. If you’ve played Fallout 3 then you’ll know the game is roughly 30 – 40 hours to complete, so how on Earth did he manage to f...

Crazy Dark Souls speed run under 50 mins

Think you’re a fantastic Dark Souls player? Think again. Someone just clocked the game in just under 50 minutes. The person who pulled this off, Kahmul78, is not happy with it either. Instead he plans to do another speed run and bring his time down by half a minute. In the below video he slays his opponents in seconds. If you need help this is the video to watch: I’m personally absolut...

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