Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 will host a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Splatfest next week

To celebrate their inclusion, Splatoon 2 will give you the choice of joining Team Heroes or Team Villains.

Event: Splatoon 2 Primary School Tournament – KZN

This first of its kind tournament shows a bright future for esports, and Nintendo, in South Africa. The day was an enjoyable and riveting experience for all those involved.

Are you retro chic or a modern day threads kinda person?

Bell bottoms, big rim glasses and a floral shirt, or peak cap, skinny jeans, high tops and hoodies?

Nintendo Direct Recap: Switch Suprises, NES Controllers and a frightened Luigi

How much can you cram in 35 minutes? A lot apparently - including 2 surprises and a new nostalgia-inducing controller.

Cloud saves not enabled on all games to ensure fair play. Really, Nintendo?

As Franky almost said: They're doing it their way...

Splatoon 2 cheaters are finally being inked

Tech 'dye-packs' will soon lead to bans...

Two beloved Nintendo franchises are getting more updates later this year

We'll be splatting and power sliding with new content for some time to come.

Review: Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion (Switch)

See the underworld of Splatoon, learn about the characters and become a better player.

Art from Inkopolis – Octo Expansion concept art

Concept design and artwork colours the furture of Splatoon 2...

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