Dante: The evolution of a demon-slayer

An iconic demon-slayer, a handsome devil and the embodiment of style. How did he come to be?

Going on a road trip? Here are the gaming tech essentials you need

Road trips are fun, but with the right gaming tech, they are even better.

MSI Memory Try It! boosts PUBG performance so you get more chicken

Sometimes you need to push your PC a bit harder if you want that chicken dinner.

Video: Let’s play a story mission in Battlefront II

We head to Naboo for some aggressive negotiations with Leia.

The timeline of Star Wars Battlefront II

See where Battlefront II sits in relation to the movies.

Feature: How to create the games room of your dreams

Have you ever dreamed about your perfect games room? We're here to help with some tips for the day the dream comes true.

Livestream: Buckle up for some Assassin’s Creed: Origins

It is kinda still back to school Wednesday because we are learning about ancient Egypt today.

Video: As a first time Destiny player, here is what Dave likes most about Destiny 2

It looks like Dave had a sip of that Destiny kool-aid, and now the thirst has him.

Video: Let’s look at the different modes in Destiny 2

About to jump into Destiny for the first time? Don't know a strike from a sidearm? We are here to help.

Video: We take a look at the story in Destiny 2

Possibly win a copy of the game while learning about the story of Destiny.

Video: Destiny 2 is getting some big changes to the weapon system

New to Destiny? Let's teach you about the various weapons in Destiny 2.

Video: Mass Effect: Andromeda tips for new players

For many people like myself Mass Effect: Andromeda will be your entry into the Mass Effect series. I had no idea what to expect jumping in for the first time but after a good few hours with it I picked up some tips and tricks that I want to share with other new players to the game. Hopefully these tips help you get the best experience out of Mass Effect: Andromeda, so get that note pad ready. So e...

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