Square Enix

The World Ends With You coming to the Nintendo Switch

Get ready for a rhythmic battle across multiple music genres.

Square Enix Brand Manager promises big year in 2018 for Final Fantasy fans

No, don't expect FFVII Remake yet, though there is a promise of brand new games

A new Deus Ex seems likely as Eidos sets the record straight

Adam Jensen isn't dead. He's just getting an OS upgrade apparently.

Noctis lets loose in the latest Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer

Watch our favourite prince in action against the brightest and best of the FF universe.

Square Enix president believes that Nintendo Switch is ideal for retro game reboots

Yearning for JRPGs of old? Square Enix seems to have some plans in store for you

World of Final Fantasy is coming to mobile as a spin-off title

The chibi-filled Final Fantasy is heading to mobile for a new adventure.

To celebrate FFXII: Zodiac Age’s sales, Square Enix has announced next official broadcast

Publisher Square Enix has announced a fifth official broadcast for the Zodiac Age teasing news that will make fans "happy".

Noctis is entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament

A prince enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Square Enix reports a bumper quarter and promises more Switch support

The Switch, a solid MMO expansion and Nier: Automata have put the company in a very healthy position.

A new Hitman game is definitely in the works

Get your silencers and chicken costumes ready, Hitman is here to stay.

World of Final Fantasy brings the fanservice to PC players this month

Square Enix is continuing bringing over all the Final Fantasy games to Steam. This time, it is the love letter with some monster capturing.

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