Star Ocean

Want Star Ocean 6? Sorry the focus is on a mobile game right now

When the possibility of a sequel is based on how many people are playing a mobile game, you have to worry.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster is a thing

Nobody asked for it, 'Kay?

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time to release on the PS4 this month

The fan favourite is heading to the PS4's library, but don't expect much more beyond trophies and remote play.

What Unannounced Game Announcement Will Excite You?

Every few days I take a look at a list of games that should be out this year. It’s not the most accurate list, but helps me get an idea of what to expect. After May, there’s not much on that list that appeals to me, other than Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. However, the year is still young and E3 is just around the corner,  but looking at 2015 so far, my excitement levels aren’...

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