Star Wars

Review: The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu (PC)

Visit the theme park.

Battlefront 2 gets a big co-op update

New weapons, balance changes and more for co-op players.

A Star Wars Battlefront spin-off was allegedly cancelled by EA last year

Once upon a time in an EA studio far, far away...

Opinion: Video games do sequels and remakes better than Hollywood does

Connect with the feeling and get the balance right.

The where what and how of cosplay – Part 3: Tools

Don't know which tools or gadgets to use for cosplay? We'll help you get started!

E3 2019: Limited Run Games

Let's get physical...physical...

EA to launch a new Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies and Star Wars game this year

Sounds like some Titanfall news might also drop later this year.

Amy Hennig confirms she left EA in January

Hennig has moved away from AAA game development.

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