Stardew Valley

Prepare your farm because Stardew Valley multiplayer is being worked on

Get ready to farm with friends and take over Stardew Valley.

Burning Question: You have 20 minutes to kill, what is your poison?

You only have 20 minutes before you have to switch off your console / PC. What do you fire up?

Opinion: Stardew Valley and using games as therapy

Whether you dive in to block out the world, or just like a nice cool drink at the end of the day, the water of gaming can soothe and heal.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope announced for PS4, PC and Switch

After two decades, Harvest Moon will be PC for the very first time.

5 meditative games that chill you out

Gaming is often full of bombast and excitement with wide sprawling worlds and heavy narratives that draw you in. Often you’re actively involved in what is going on and paying careful attention to what you’re doing since everything has an important place. The story, the characters, the soundtrack, the visuals, everything. However, we also live immensely busy lives full of stress and pro...

Stardew Valley is getting a physical release

Stardew Valley is a game of pure wonder. There’s a reason why the game was in my Game of the Year list for 2016 and that is simply because it is nothing short of incredible. On the surface it’s a farming game with some social interaction, but behind the simple premise is so much more. There are so many things to discover, quaint moments to witness and making a little virtual life for y...

Stardew Valley for Vita is still a possibility

Stardew Valley has made a massive impact on the gaming world. The Harvest Moon-inspired farming game has now been released on the majority of systems. Yet despite the game hitting most home hardware, those looking for a portable version are going to have to wait a bit longer. When the PlayStation 4 release date of Stardew Valley was announced, developer Eric Barone (more commonly known as Concerne...

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Game of the Year

It’s finally time. Every year there is one game that comes along that stuns everybody. The game that will be remembered the most and will serve as a bookmark for the year it was released in. In order to achieve this prestigious position, a game has to be truly special in a number of ways. However, it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect to be considered a Game of the Year. The game ca...

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