Valve explains why Steam Discovery has been hiding indie games

A bug in Steam has devastated views and sales of smaller indie games, and for some, the effects linger.

Epic Games is launching its own store and will give developers 88% revenue split

Valve might need to blow off some steam, Epic Games is about to bite into their profits.

Bladed Fury is a slice of platform brawler heaven

Not sure if you'll spend most of your time hacking things to pieces, or just sit and stare at all the pretty visuals.

Skating is for the fowls in SkateBird

Tony Hawk? No, Tony is a much smaller bird than that.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets review bombed after it goes on sale

Usually, we will be happy about a discount, but apparently not this time.

Review: The Golf Club 2019 (PS4)

A bit more bogey than birdie.

Steam game included a cryptocurrency miner

Watch out, your Steam games might be turning your computer into a miner.

PC date and requirements finally announced for Monster Hunter World

The long wait is nearly over for those who hunt on PC.

Whoops, Steam just leaked Just Cause 4

Can someone hire a plumber? There may be a loose valve.

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