Review: The Golf Club 2019 (PS4)

A bit more bogey than birdie.

Steam game included a cryptocurrency miner

Watch out, your Steam games might be turning your computer into a miner.

PC date and requirements finally announced for Monster Hunter World

The long wait is nearly over for those who hunt on PC.

Whoops, Steam just leaked Just Cause 4

Can someone hire a plumber? There may be a loose valve.

School shooting game gets the boot from Valve

The massively tone deaf Active Shooter has been purged from Valve's storefront.

Killer 7 is officially heading to Steam

Soon you'll have the chance to play Suda51's cult classic.

Dark Souls: Remastered released early on Steam and is already being hacked

The toughest enemies in Dark Souls are not the bosses, but rather the hackers and trolls that try and ruin the fun for everyone.

PUBG’s PC player count has halved in five months

After reaching a massive player base, numbers are dropping.

Steam now allows support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Your expensive Switch controller now has multiple uses.

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