A Superbug is heading straight to Two Point Hospital in a new update

Some situations require a little help from your friends.

Tim Sweeney addresses Chinese spyware accusation

Sweeney says the internet is free to complain, but the spy stuff is rubbsih.

Mortal Kombat 11 TV ad shows off Kitana

Give her a royal welcome.

Borderlands games being review bombed on Steam due to 2K’s Epic decision

Steam users ironically the ones shooting themselves in the head.

Furi gets a Freedom update with difficulty options

Now every platform has the same list of features.

Serious Sam is back in the rogue-lite Tormental

Time to get Serious about twin stick.

The Burning Question: Steam vs Epic Games Store – is this good or bad for gaming?

Will this lead to good things, or will it crash to an unwanted end?

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is now available on Steam

Flailing, floppy fists of fury and wobbly artillery units on a battlefield resembling a drunken brawl at your local pub. Yes. Yes please.

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