We might see Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PC

*scratches neck* Got any of that Yakuza for us, please?

Monument Valley dev’s game about fixing stuff is heading to PC

Ustwo, the developer of the popular mobile game Monument Valley, has another game called Assemble With Care. It launched as an Apple Arcade exclusive last year and is heading to PC on 26 March. In Assemble With Care, you play a globe-trotting antique restorer named Maria. Get ready to piece together tech from the 80s, like tape players, old gaming handhelds or old cameras. If you grew up in the 80...

Waiting for Borderlands 3 on Steam? Preload and launch times announced

Move your save, get some achievements and cross-play (eventually).

Death Stranding confirmed for a June PC release

Delivering with a Keyboard and Mouse.

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