Ster Kinekor

Free Games Vrydag winner becomes human

Oh hey, who is going to Detroit? I hope you are all ready for some emotion.

Free Games Vrydag winner is a blocky superhero

Are you the winner we deserve? Oh wait, wrong universe.

Free Games Vrydag winner is heading to Kamurocho

Nani? Are you the winner of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life? Come see!

Free Games Vrydag winner will be exploring Tokyo

One of you is getting their Yakuza on. Come see if it's you!

Free Games Vrydag winner bolts past the finish line

Who took pole position? Are you the winner who has overtaken everyone? Come see!

Free Games Vrydag winner did nazi that coming

Who is going to punch the Reich right in its mouth? Come find out!

Free Games Vrydag Winner Injusticed

Who is going to punch Batman this week? Nobody. Nobody punches Batman.

Free Games Vrydag winner feels no Injustice

Who will be the lucky winner? Who will punch Superman right in his pretty face?

Free Games Vrydag Winner Preyed

Happy Vrydag everyone! We hope you had a wonderful long weekend filled with games, drinking, vacations and whatever type of debauchery you young people get up to these days. I was helping my brother move so there wasn’t a lot of relaxing going on, but a man can’t complain. We’re now in May and while the games have slowed down quite a bit, we’re still getting some exciting s...

Free Games Vrydag Winners Hammered

It’s an actual Vrydag this time! I hope you all enjoyed the very long weekend. I know my body is pretty mad at me for shamelessly abusing it by partying in the fields and sleeping for about 4 hours in 4 days, but we all need some excitement in our lives, right? The long weekends aren’t going to stop soon with Freedom Day and Workers Day still on the horizon. We’re going to have s...

All you need to know about PSVR’s launch in South Africa

The PSVR has been making waves since it first released to the masses last month. With good reason, VR has been touted as the evolution of modern gaming for years now and Sony’s device is a wonderful introduction to the world because of its affordability and the fact that you only need the PS4 console to run it. Us South Africans are forced to wait a bit longer to get the device in our hands,...

PSVR, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro priced and dated for South Africa

We here in sunny South Africa have the propensity to get slightly shafted when it comes to new hardware releases and with our economy in the precarious position that it is, we are also being charged through the nose for stuff that is affordable in other first world countries. There’s also the chance that stuff will simply be delayed since we are not within the “high-priority” cou...

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