The Burning Question: Do you enjoy prequels and interquels?

Sometimes we have to go backwards or sideways first.

PUBG plans to get a story-based experience that goes ‘beyond battle royale’

Maybe we'll find out why we're fighting to the death for chicken dinners.

Ace Combat 7 gets story and setting details

Fly amongst cumulonimbus, endure nature's wrath and take on unmanned drones in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Overwatch to get longer comics and in-game story archives

Blizzard is looking at longer comics for Overwatch and having some of the lore in-game.

Overwatch as a new player – hopping in during the Anniversary event

Overwatch draws you in with incredible cinematics and lore, but then we all fight over a flag for hours...

What is the most memorable gaming related-story that happened in your life?

Some of you might only have caught onto gaming at a later stage in your life, while there are some of us who have been playing games as far back as we can remember. One thing is for sure – gaming has affected us at some point in our life. There is a memory attached to it that marks an important period in your life. I’ve had many moments in gaming that shaped the genres and games I enjoy today. For...

Uncharted 4 Story Trailer – Dreams are made of these

I am well aware that the majority of you have probably seen this Uncharted 4 trailer already. I REALLY wanted to get it up on the site last night, but sadly I was working until late (stupid day job right?). Anyway, I couldn’t allow the trailer to go by without it going up on our site, so if you have seen it, watch it again (I have, over and over) and if you haven’t seen it now’s ...

SA Gamer Awards 2015: Best Story

Without a good story a game might have all the right elements, but it’s missing that secret ingredient that takes you on an unforgettable journey. 2015 had many great stories, but there’s one in particular that came out of nowhere to take the award: Life is Strange Max is just your general teenager who has a passion for photography… and can manipulate time. What makes this story ...

This CoD: Black Ops 3 story trailer is looking very Hollywood

With every year the Call of Duty franchise seems to be moving further and further into the future. This year it’s so far into the future that soldiers will now have augmentations to perform better while out in the field, similar to those augmentations as seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The soldiers minds are controlled by a direct neural interface and it looks like the future of this worl...

Video: Mortal Kombat Story Trailer

If there’s one thing that the last Mortal Kombat outing nailed it was a story. Playing through the story mode shed some light on the events of the various characters and how they ended up where they were. We also found out that Sektor and Cyrax were once humans and got to play as them before controlling their cyborg versions. Mortal Kombat X will continue this tradition by including a fully-...

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