Twitch drops the ‘blind playthrough’ tag, asks streamers to be more inclusive

First playthrough or undiscovered work just as well.

Google Stadia going the Web App route to get onto iOS

So now if you own an iPhone and live in SA - you still can't try Stadia...

Spanish Football matched played in front of 60k fans, on Twitch

Watch football stars play with themselves.

Here’s what Google Stadia is all about

Google's interesting new venture into gaming is starting off with a bang.

PlayStation Now has twice as many people downloading instead of streaming

Streaming may be the future, but it's not right now.

Stadia – A breakdown of Google’s big gaming move

Impressive Stadia promises to shake things up...

Google will be having a gaming keynote at GDC 2019

Hey Google... mark March 19 on my calendar. The gaming world may be about to change.

Twitch apologises for advertising other streamers during streams

Twitch will avoid doing it in the future.

Microsoft announces Project xCloud game streaming service

Microsoft wants you in the centre of your gameplay experience.

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