Opinion: Accessibility in games and why it’s important

From subtitles to custom controllers and game difficulty, accessibility is something important that needs to be discussed.

Spyro update finally adds subtitles

Subtitle on/off toggle under the Options menu - NOW AVAILABLE!

New Zelda: Breath of the Wild update allows you to change the language settings

New language options don't really help that most conversations are about how to navigate inside a Divine Beast, though.

The Burning Question: Do you take the Subs or the Dubs?

When playing games from other countries, do you prefer the original voiceovers, or do you want to hear English and skip the reading?

6 things in games I wish I had in real life

I love living in my video game worlds. I use them to escape from my own life, my problems and sometimes to let my brain solve my issues in the background, almost subconscious level while I try fix massive problems, like people trying to destroy the world. In most video games persistence gets you what you need and while similar can be said for several issues in life, the result or payoff of beating...

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