Opinion: Why are Japanese games so ‘weird’?

Japan is filled with the weird and the wonderful. But exactly why is it considered "weird"?

Let it Die reaches a spooky four million downloads

Uncle Death's grace, flair and unequivocal coolness are known to a good amount of folks.

Travis could Strike Again on other consoles

Travis Touchdown might be swinging his way onto other platforms.

Travis Strikes Again in a new No More Heroes

We'll be taking another wacky and silly adventure with Travis on the Switch.

Let It Die is available on PS4 very soon

That’s a bit of a surprise. Grasshopper Studios’ kooky and strange game Let it Die will be available on PS4 real soon. It’s not on the store at the time of this article, but it’s probably available if you’re reading this. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the new free-to-play game from the wonderfully wonderful Suda51 which makes it instantly batsh!t insane. I...

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