Super Mario Bros.

11 of the best introduction levels in video games

The first few minutes of a game can make or break your opinion, here are some that got it right.

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. becomes the most expensive game ever sold

Keeping it sealed, because who wants to play it anyway?

Super Mario Bros. Speedrun World Record now under the mythical 4:56 mark

Finding the Princess faster than you can finish your morning cup of coffee.

Six magical ‘mid-game’ moments

The small moments of joy that keep you coming back for more...

A Pixelated Past – Part 3: Sonic vs Mario

The SEGA history you may have stayed awake in class for...

A Pixelated Past – Part 2: How Nintendo saved the world

The quirky Nintendo history you may have stayed awake in class for...

Opinion: What’s in your personal Top 5?

From childhood gems to games you just can't put down, we discuss your top 5 games.

It’s all connected: art, mental health and video games

The interconnectedness of art and emotion in a digital world...

Stop stressing, Mario is a plumber again…

Carpenter, racer, professional sportsman? Nope, keep him as a plumber please!

Video: Watch someone play Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in first-person using Hololens

In New York running around hitting imaginary blocks and jumping on Goombas doesn't even get a second glance.

11 games with unforgettable plot twists

Plot twists are nothing new. It’s been in books and movies for years. Be as it may, there are few things as thrilling as a good plot twist in a game. Below are some of the best plot twists we’ve experienced in a game. If the twist is good enough it can change the status of a game from great to a classic of all time. There might be some that aren’t listed, which you are welcome to...

Teens of Today React to the NES

A while ago we published a video of kids reacting to the original Game Boy. In the latest ‘React’ episode teenagers are asked to comment on the Nintendo Entertainment System from the ’80s. Most of teens died on the very first goomba in Super Mario Bros and some didn’t know how to put the cartridge into the system. Take a look at the video and share some of your favourite NE...

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