Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is not ‘acceptably profitable’ despite 200 million downloads

Despite being downloaded by the same number of people as there are in Brazil, Super Mario Run is apparently not yet profitable.

Super Mario Run is finally heading to Android on 23 March

After many years of fans pleading with Nintendo to release a more traditional game, staring their famous mascot, on smartphones they finally did so with Super Mario Run. The game launched to much praise from critics and players alike on iOS in December of 2016. Unfortunately Android users were left out in the cold, but that’s about to end this week. Nintendo confirmed it via this tweet: #Sup...

SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best Handheld Game

Portable or handheld gaming has been around since before I was a Wii-Toddler. It has evolved into many different shapes and sizes over the years in and out off the gaming world, and with the Nintendo Switch on its way it is evolving even further. There’s not a soul alive on this planet that can’t say that they’ve either owned a portable video gaming console or know someone that d...

Rumour: Super Mario Run might require a permanent online connection

Next week, on 15 December, Super Mario Run will finally have Mario making the leap to mobile phones for the very first time. It’ll be available on iPhone and iPad for now, and later on it’ll port to Android too. There is however a small problem for a even smaller group of people. It seems that an online connection will be required at all times to play the game, even World Tour mode. In...

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