Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario will have Power-Ups

Burn, fly, climb and build.

Stop stressing, Mario is a plumber again…

Carpenter, racer, professional sportsman? Nope, keep him as a plumber please!

Video: Mario made an appearance at the Rio Olympics, quite literally

Just how big is Mario as a brand? Big enough for him to steal the show and for the Prime Minister of Japan to show up at the closing ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics dressed as the iconic character. It all starts off with a CG cutscene of Mario, with his cap displaying Tokyo instead of the big M, browsing a tourist guide in Rio when he decides to jump into a classic green warppipe. He then, appa...

Video: Watch a guy play retro classics on piano that include real-time sound effects

There’s just something about the oldschool retro theme songs that’ll stay with us for eternity. It’s as if the 80’s all but swallowed up all the good tunes when it comes to video games or our favourite 80’s cartoons and TV series. On YouTube you’ll often see some person doing an amazing take on a retro classic by playing a song in a new style. Now there’s ...

Gaming Characters With Serious Ego Problems

We all have those video game characters that we cannot deal with. They are annoying, loud, or full of themselves. These characters I have mentioned below are bearable, but their ego and personality get in the way of their true characteristics. Duke Nukem Man whore, womanizer, and all round douche bag. Duke is the kind of guy you will see at the gym hogging all the weights, and on his way back to t...

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