Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Some Smash players received a noise complaint and the cops ended up playing with them

Get a noise complaint, end up playing Smash with the police. There can't be a better outcome.

Free Games Vrydag: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

Stand the chance of winning Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

SA Gamer Awards 2018 – Best Fighting

There is only one victorious game in the ring and this year we had some great fighters

Splatoon 2 will host a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Splatfest next week

To celebrate their inclusion, Splatoon 2 will give you the choice of joining Team Heroes or Team Villains.

Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

Masahiro Sakurai smashed another one out of the park.

Game releases for December – with predictions!

Dance and smash your way through December. Why? Just cause.

Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct highlights

74 fighters, Spirits, a wrestling fire Pokemon and a gentleman named Ken make the final cut.

Latest PS4 and Switch sales figures indicate contrasting trajectories

PS4 flying and Switch floundering to hit yearly targets.

The 2018 video game industry is raking in the dough

We're spending how much on video games!?

Nintendo Direct Recap: Switch Suprises, NES Controllers and a frightened Luigi

How much can you cram in 35 minutes? A lot apparently - including 2 surprises and a new nostalgia-inducing controller.

Nintendo reveals Special Edition Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro Controller

This black and white beauty will get you knocking Bowser black and blue like a Pro.

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