Super Smash Bros

Nintendo Direct to tell us more about… Super Smash Bros, again?

You wanted a Nintendo Direct, right? About... Super Smash Bros, right?

E3 2018: Nintendo

The Big N's show was... Smashing? Maybe too much so.

GameStop CEO hints at some big unannounced games for Switch this year

Buckle up kids and adults, Nintendo might be bringing the thunder in 2018.

Nintendo Direct: Serving up more than a few aces…

The latest Nintendo Direct brings us more than a few surprises...

The EVO 2018 lineup includes anime, anime and more anime

EVO is around the corner and one of the main attractions is a game that hasn't even released yet.

10 Satisfying moments in games

There are times in gaming you feel good about something that happened, these are 10 such times.

Smash Melee champion takes the stage to call out Nintendo

Hungrybox takes to the stage after a win and shares a few choice words about Nintendo's lack of support for Melee.

6 fighting game moves that pack a punch

We Zangief you a list of some of the flashiest, fulfilling fighting moves.

GameCube emulator working wonderfully on Galaxy S8

Emulators and mobile phones have been a strong pairing for a long time. Each new generation of smart phone seems to bring whole new possibilities and now it is getting crazier. GuruAidTechSupport uploaded a video that has gotten the internet buzzing, showing off full GameCube games running off the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The emulator in question is Dolphin, one of the most respected emulators ...

Indie brawler Rivals of Aether has a launch date and new trailer

Super Smash Bros. is a wonderful game and while many others have tried to mimic Nintendo’s brawler, most have just landed up being rather mediocre. So when an indie developer put up their Super Smash Bros. Melee inspired game on Steam Early Access it definitely garnered a bit of attention from Smash fans and has even developed a bit of a competitive scene. Rivals of Aether has been in Early ...

EVO 2017 gets dates and an intense trailer

When people think of the large eSports events their attention is quickly drawn to Dota 2’s International or the League of Legends World Championship and that’s quite unfortunate. While those events are spectacles to behold and are always enjoyable to watch, they just don’t have that community feel to them. Don’t get me wrong, they bring in the fans of the games but it’...

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