Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games drops an eerie trailer of their new horror adventure, Man of Medan

It's always better to shriek in terror with friends.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a new terrifying game series from Until Dawn’s devs

Enough VR experiments, they're back to scaring your pants off.

Review: Bravo Team (PSVR)

Bravo! Another tactical PSVR gesture you should avoid.

Supermassive’s The Inpatient and Bravo Team delayed to next year

PlayStation VR's Christmas lineup has had a supermassive delay.

Review: Until Dawn (PS4)

Choose wisely

Here’s some Until Dawn footage to scare your pants off… maybe

You all know by now that I just don’t do horror games. Horror movies and books, no problem, but games can stay the hell away from me, creepy bastards. Anyway, one of these games which is releasing in the not too distant future is, of course Until Dawn. We have had some hands-on views of it from the Wookie, and now we have a good 9 minutes of gameplay taken from a preview code version of the ...

Preview: Until Dawn: Horror in the mountains

It all starts, like most horror movies would, with a group of friends in a secluded place. In an absolutely massive log cabin built in the snowy mountains, eight friends quickly watch their idyllic getaway turn into a nightmare. In the middle of a cold night in a place with no cellular reception, with no quick route to help, you have no choice but to try your best to survive Until Dawn. Last week ...

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