CD Projekt RED to end console support for Gwent

Hop into the PC or mobile version instead.

Nintendo Switch JoyCon Controller problem due to ‘manufacturing variation’

No matter which side of the Nintendo fence you’re on, the amount of praise the Switch has received will undoubtedly impress anyone. One factor of the console, though, has had people in a bind; some gamers are experiencing connectivity issues with the left JoyCon controller. Nintendo has addressed the issue and released a statement saying that the issue isn’t a design flaw, but a ‘...

Support for Nintendo Switch still being mulled over by Capcom

The announcement of the Nintendo Switch has created waves in the games industry, both capturing the mins and hearts of die hard fanboys, as well as the list of publishing partners and the contributions they’d bring to the platform. As many new launched consoles would dictate, the publisher would need to provide content to the specific features they boast. Capcom, being one of the major contr...

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