Sony survey suggests that PSN name changes may be coming soon

Regret that tag you created when you were 14? It might finally be time to be rid of it.

Final Fantasy XV survey could result in future additional content

What should we see next for our travelling brotherhood?

Have you played Episode Duscae yet? Square Enix wants your feedback

Have you played Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae yet? If you have, the team working on Final Fantasy XV really would like to hear from you. Personally, it was the first time in months that I felt joy while playing a game, an issue I have been trying, rather unsuccessfully, to deal with. Now I need to wait forever quite a while for the full game to arrive. To access the survey you need to re...

Shape the future of Square Enix. Tell them what you want

Every once in a while we find a survey that involves several unimportant¬†questions, but in this case Square Enix does not beat around the bush. They really want to know where you’re at. They’re asking you what you’d like from them to help them shape the future of Square Enix. There are some general questions, but when you hit the latter half of the survey it gets in-depth and you...

Square Enix wants your Final Fantasy feedback

Do you have something to say to Square Enix about the Final Fantasy franchise? Square Enix launched a survey to find out what your playing habbits are and have been over the years. There’s also very specific questions about the mobile market, but this is the chance to show them what games in the franchise you REALLY enjoy(ed). All you have to do is head over here to complete the survey. You&...

Complete this survey to help shape Mass Effect 4

The teaser footage made up of concept art at the EA E3 conference was enough to drive us up the wall. We wanted so much more from the show. Well, rumour has it that we’ll hear (and perhaps see) more on it at a Comic-Con panel. The Producer on Mass Effect 4, Michael Gamble, has taken to Twitter to now ask for your feedback on the game and what you would like from the sequel. No, there’s...

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