Bayonetta 3 announced for Nintendo Switch, along with Bayonetta 1 and 2 port

The Umbra witch is returning for a third kick ass outing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch

Game releases for December – with some predictions!

Gaze into the majesty... and come look at the quiet month of December.

Ready your demons, Shin Megami Tensei V is officially heading Westward

Shin Megami Tensei V is heading this way, but we are still in the dark.

Change coming to the SA Switch eShop due to our games being the cheapest globally

Thanks to a region-free eShop things might change for SA Switch owners

Zippy Race is the next Arcade Archives game heading to the Switch

It's time to relive your arcade bike dreams of the 80s by running out of fuel

Review: Mantis Burn Racing (Switch)

If you're looking for the perfect top-down portable racing experience this is as good as it gets.

Square Enix president believes that Nintendo Switch is ideal for retro game reboots

Yearning for JRPGs of old? Square Enix seems to have some plans in store for you

Worms W.M.D blasts its way onto the Switch next week

The time has come to ruin friendships again, it's just that you can ruin them anywhere now.

Review: DOOM (Switch)

DOOM on Switch starts off well, but the shine wears off far too quickly. The Switch is not Hell-proofed.

The Ace Attorney series will lay down the law on Switch in 2018

We have no objection with this. Bring it Capcom!

Square Enix reports a bumper quarter and promises more Switch support

The Switch, a solid MMO expansion and Nier: Automata have put the company in a very healthy position.

It’s all about speed and customisation in this Sonic Forces launch trailer

The blue hedgehog with an attitude is back... for the second time in the same year.

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