Take-Two Interactive

Rockstar find themselves in trouble with the law as the Pinkertons set their sights on them

Because it just wouldn't be a Rockstar Game there's ain't some sort of lawsuit.

Pachter thinks Red Dead Online will make Take-Two a mountain of money

Add the word 'Online' at the back and Take-Two have a licence to print money.

GTA V is now the best selling media property ever

GTA V has been raking in the dough so much that it got into the hall of fame.

Microtransactions makes up nearly half the income for Take-Two Interactive

Thanks gamers, you're making Take-Two Interactive a small fortune.

Take-Two Interactive clarifies reasons for removing modding tool for GTA V

Take Two Interactive says the tool enables malicious mods that interfere with online play.

Rockstar sues BBC for GTA infringement

Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company) filed a lawsuit against the BBC for using their trademarks in an upcoming crime drama that’s based on Grand Theft Auto, named Game Changer. Infringements include the use of series elements as well as the name of Rockstar Games. Take-Two says that they’ve been reaching out at the BBC directly, but that they have not come to a “meaningful ...

GTA V Sets Concurrent User Record on Steam (For Non-Valve game)

PC enthusiasts have finally been able to get hold of Grand Theft Auto 5 and it appears to have been worth the (overly long) wait. Two days after the game’s PC launch has brought a new milestone. The number of concurrent users playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on Steam peaked at a staggering 301,246. While DOTA 2 and the ever popular Counter Strike: Global Offence still had more concurrent users, th...

Take-Two Interactive CEO thinks that gaming isn’t ready for VR

Ready or not, the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus is coming your way if you like it or not. Whether you’ll pay the cost for the unit is a whole different story though. Take Two Interactive CEO thinks that VR is a fad, like 3D, and that it will wear off before we know it. In an interview with Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, Bloomberg asked if the gaming industry was ready for virt...

Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth preview

A new day dawns on a planet devoid of human intervention. Then we arrive! Woe be the aliens, humanity has traversed the cold space between stars to ruin other worlds. I take a look at preview code and note some of the important features and changes from previous Civilization games. Why only some? Well, mostly because detailing too much would result in a book, rather than a preview. So read on abou...

GTA V has sold over 34 million copies in under one year

Sometimes I believe that Take-Two Interactive must be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to the ‘industry being in turmoil’. Perhaps it’s because Rockstar’s got their recipe right? It was five years since the release of GTA IV that we finally saw GTA V launching, and most of us are crying out for another Red Dead sequel. Perhaps the recipe is simple? DonR...

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