Take-Two Interactive

Warner Bros. Interactive to be sold

Some big names ready to pounce...

Looks like we might see a BioShock sequel next year

Connecting the dots to see the picture.

Rockstar find themselves in trouble with the law as the Pinkertons set their sights on them

Because it just wouldn't be a Rockstar Game there's ain't some sort of lawsuit.

Pachter thinks Red Dead Online will make Take-Two a mountain of money

Add the word 'Online' at the back and Take-Two have a licence to print money.

GTA V is now the best selling media property ever

GTA V has been raking in the dough so much that it got into the hall of fame.

Microtransactions makes up nearly half the income for Take-Two Interactive

Thanks gamers, you're making Take-Two Interactive a small fortune.

Take-Two Interactive clarifies reasons for removing modding tool for GTA V

Take Two Interactive says the tool enables malicious mods that interfere with online play.

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