We should expect ‘exciting news’ about Dying Light 2 soon

A promise of news as veteran leaves the company.

Dying Light’s Hellraid gets delayed, again

Hellraid's long, long journey is nearly over.

Techland, Paradox Interactive and Gato Studio cut ties with Chris Avellone

Developers cut ties after sexual assault allegations.

E3 2018: Behind closed doors – Dying Light 2

Bigger, more intricate and varied, Dying Light 2 sounds like a great sequel.

Video: Take your first look at the battle royale mode in Dying Light

Time for some Bad Blood as you try to survive against zombies and other players.

Review: Pure Farming 2018 (PC)

It is harvest time, tune the radio and get the Gomselmash feulled please.

Dying Light’s developer has… a storefront?

Another Polish developer starts a storefront. Could this be the next place for hot deals?

Dying Light remains incredibly popular, will get more free DLC

The zombie climbing simulator will still receive free content this year and is more popular than we thought.

Torment: Tides of Numenera’s classes and companions and why it makes me giddy

Back in 1999 I discovered something that would change the way I thought of games, change what I expected from games. By dumb luck I bought Planescape: Torment. I knew Black Isle Studios and Interplay Entertainment and I bought the game based purely on having positive experiences with previous titles under those names. Was I in for a treat. Here was a tale of an immortal man in a crematorium, his o...

Review: Torment: Tides of Numenera (PC)

Can a game ever compare to the amazing history of Planescape: Torment? This game proves that you can.

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