Review: The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack (PC)

Looking after digital children is so much easier than the real thing.

Video: Watch Teens Play Just Dance 2016

Rhythm games fall in this weird love it or hate it category. On the one side we have Guitar Hero which is a massive hit with many of us, as well as Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. But on the other side is Just Dance, a rhythm game that some of us can鈥檛 quite come to grips with. Personally, I don鈥檛 mind the silliness of Just Dance, but not in public. Recently, the popular YouTube channel REACT posted a ...

Teens Play Contra For The First Time

I’m a huge fan of the Fine Brothers and their smash hit React Channel. Not sure who they are? The Fine bros. are the masterminds behind the Kids/Teens/Elders/ YouTubers React videos on YouTube. I’m particularly fond of the Teen’s React version as I’m young enough to relate, yet old enough to know things they don’t. It’s especially delightful when I get to see th...

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