Tekken 7

Review: Tekken 7 (PS4)

Tekken is back and it is beautiful and ready for hours of pugilism.

Livestream: We are playing Tekken 7 [Finished]

Does Dave have an Iron Fist or is he a punching bag?

Free Games Vrydag Winner Tekkened

There haven't been enough Tekken puns, so here we go! Baby I'm still free, Tekken a chance on me. If Ken ever got turned into a robot, he would be Tech-Ken. Destiny's best expansion was The Tekken King, Armor King's dad. Will we ever see Liam Neeson in another Tekken movie? Hello officer, wait no please I will stop. now.

Game releases for June – With added predictions!

If you thought things were going to slow down for E3 month, you need to buckle up.

Feature: Tekken – A trip down memory lane

From 1994 until now, we are still following the story of anger, rage and betrayal that surrounds the Mishima family.

Tekken 7 shows off its fighters one ground bounce combo at a time

Choose your fighter and get ready for rage arts and crazy combos and humour.

Video: Tekken story recap with 8-bit sprites is amazing

See the main story of Tekken 1 through 3 in four minutes with cute retro sprites.

Video: Check out some heavy hits in this Tekken 7 character trailer

It is a month away, so maybe seeing some characters in action will help the wait...

Video: Watch 28 minutes of new Tekken 7 footage, including gangsta Kuma yo!

This video has more moves than Kuma can wave a fish at.

Video: The evolution of the Tekken series

It’s so early in the morning and it’s already a slow news day. However, last night I watched a random video that caught my eye on YouTube. It was a look at how the Tekken series evolved over the years. Youtuber, Alerion, took the time to compare the intro and game footage of each main series Tekken, from the original right through to the upcoming Tekken 7. Don’t expect to see Tek...

Video: Tekken 7 gets new gameplay trailer and ESRB rating

The King of Iron Fist tournament is returning. Tekken 7 is still set to hit us in June so in the interim, publisher and developer Bandai Namco are putting out some gameplay to keep players juggling with anticipation. Above is a new gameplay trailer showing off newcomer Shaheen against returning character Lars. It looks like some more Tekken and that is all fans are really asking for. The last numb...

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