The Burning Question

Burning Question: What critically-loved game did you dislike?

It's not what the critics say - we want to hear from you...

The Burning Question: Steam vs Epic Games Store – is this good or bad for gaming?

Will this lead to good things, or will it crash to an unwanted end?

The Burning Question: What is your most unforgettable moment in a multiplayer game?

Online or offline - unscripted events in a multiplayer game can make some amazing things happen

The Burning Question: Is battle royale a genre for you?

Love it or loathe them, they are here in full force. Where do you fit in?

The Burning Question: What video game brought you (close) to tears?

Some games will pull at your heartstrings until you break.

The Burning Question: What was your perfect era for gaming?

Don't you just wish certain things could change, but other things could stay the same?

The Burning Question: When is a game good value for money?

The more hours the better or do you prefer quality over quantity?

The Burning Question: Do you have a time hack?

As life's responsibilities pile up, hobby time shrinks. How are you handling that, or do you have a secret solution?

The Burning Question: Do you suffer from online gaming anxiety?

Sometimes it can just get a bit much and ruin the experience.

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