The Burning Question

The Burning Question: Is battle royale a genre for you?

Love it or loathe them, they are here in full force. Where do you fit in?

The Burning Question: What video game brought you (close) to tears?

Some games will pull at your heartstrings until you break.

The Burning Question: What was your perfect era for gaming?

Don't you just wish certain things could change, but other things could stay the same?

The Burning Question: When is a game good value for money?

The more hours the better or do you prefer quality over quantity?

The Burning Question: Do you have a time hack?

As life's responsibilities pile up, hobby time shrinks. How are you handling that, or do you have a secret solution?

The Burning Question: Do you suffer from online gaming anxiety?

Sometimes it can just get a bit much and ruin the experience.

The Burning Question: What game do you wish you could wipe from memory and experience for the first time again?

You've used the flashy thing and wiped your memory. What game do you re-play first?

The Burning Question: Has gaming impacted your everyday life in a positive way?

Has gaming made you: a) Better b) Smarter c) Faster d) Stronger ?

The Burning Question: Have you ever thought of yourself as ‘addicted’ to gaming?

We like to call something addictive as a compliment, but were you ever so addicted that it became a problem?

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