the evil within 2

The Evil Within 2 gets an official first-person mode in new update

You're now able to look right through Sebastian Castellanos' eyes in The Evil Within 2.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best Audio: Overall audio

Sometimes, it is not the graphics that stand out in presentation but the audio design.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best Horror

The game in 2017 that required you to buy several extra pairs of pants is...

Review: The Evil Within 2 (PS4)

There is evil within this sequel that'll raise the hair on your back

The Evil Within 2 launch trailer looks like a Mikami classic

Sebastian's only way out is in and we want in if this trailer is anything to go by.

The Good Within is a new charity by Bethesda

Who says horror games have no heart?

Game releases for October – with predications!

October's releases are colossal and might be the origin of why your wallet will be so fractured, but it will be an odyssey into a shadow of evil that you don't want to race by.

Video: Time is going to be your biggest foe in The Evil Within 2

Shinji Mikami's sequel will see time playing a big role in this horrific world

Hands on at Gamescom: The Evil Within 2 (PC with Xbox controls)

Sebastian Castellanos is back and ready to dive back into the crazy in order to save his little girl. But will the rest of us be ready?

The Evil Within 2 improves on the customisation of Sebastian

Get ready for deeper customisation options as you become a brawler or a sneaky character to suit your play style.

The Evil Within 2 receives a creepy new trailer

If this gameplay trailer is anything to go by you should prepare yourself for jump scares once again.

Rage and The Evil Within can maybe get sequels, but not likely

Rage and The Evil Within were some of the more flawed offerings that Bethesda released. While not being terrible games at all, they were somewhat lacking in their own ways. The Evil Within left a lot to be desired with regards to its quality and story. Rage was a fantastic shooter with some really innovative AI, but the actual gameplay became pretty stale after a while and the world just wasn̵...

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