The Fox Hole

Video: The Fox Hole – Blooper Reel

Watch Dave fall over his words, some names and drink too much wine (water, we were told).

Video: The Fox Hole: Episode 7 – Grand prize giveaway

Want to win an some Call of Duty WWII swag? Of course you do.

Video: The Fox Hole Episode 6 – Historical accuracy

Private Kozlowski is back in his Fox Hole to save humanity from themselves

Video: The Fox Hole: Episode 5 – The Squad

Private Kozlowski is back on duty to tell you more about CoD: WWII

Video: The Fox Hole Episode 4 – rAge Edition

We went to rAge and found them with their boots on the ground.

Video: The Fox Hole episode 3 – Let’s take a look at the campaign

Time to shoot some Nazis and we have some prizes lined up for Friday.

Video: Welcome back to the Fox Hole: Episode 2

We will fight them on the beaches, we will kill them from our pillbox.

Video: Welcome to the Fox Hole!

Get ready for a new video feature of all things Call of Duty: WW2.

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