The Last of Us 2

Review: The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

Bigger, with more room to breathe.

Crunch culture and perfectionism make a dangerous cocktail at Naughty Dog

"In an industry of overtime... Naughty Dog stands out."

The Last of Us 2 was too large to fit in multiplayer

Naughty Dog's biggest game ever needed to stop somewhere.

The Last of Us 2 will release on February 21, 2020

Pack your backpack, we are heading out.

Sony reminds us of all the cool games that are exclusively available on PS4

Nothing wrong with reminding the public why you are on top.

Did you miss PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017? All the videos right here in one place

Don't miss a single trailer or reveal that was shown off

Seattle might be a setting in The Last of Us Part 2

Internet detectives might have uncovered a location in the upcoming sequel with very little to work with.

The Last of Us Part II officially revealed

Probably the biggest bombshell from the Playstation Experience 2016, The Last of Us Part II was revealed. It is real, it had one of the best trailers ever and Ellie is all grown up. It was said that this is super early in development, yet it looks incredible already as is tradition for Naughty Dog. We got a look at the grown up Ellie with her tattoos, singing a song surrounded by dead bodies. Joel...

Video: A very ‘Naughty Dog’ slips The Last of Us sequel… by accident

Everyone has a FAIL experience at some point in their life and Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection writer, Josh Scherr, had just that experience recently. During a livestream he was explaining how the facial animation had been improved for the game and referred to Eric Baldwin, the lead animator in charge of it. It’s here where he fumbled his words and cocked it up enough to all but confirm t...

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