To celebrate International Women’s Day you can download this PS4 theme for free

A piece of art from a talented concept artist at Guerrilla Games.

You Can Earn A Dynamic The Order 1886 PS4 Theme

To celebrate the impeding release of The Order: 1886, you can earn yourself a dynamic theme for your PS4. That’s right, no one is going to give it to you, you’re going to have to work for it. By visiting the interactive website for the title in question, and completing the little exploration guide, you’ll gain access to the theme once the game is released. The exploration guide i...

Download a FREE PS One theme to your PS4 now

Once you download the new PS4 firmware update a pleasant surprise awaits you. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the PlayStation brand Sony has include a free PS One theme. You’ll have to download it from the PS Store for FREE. Once you’ve selected the theme and startup your PS4 you’ll hear the classic PS One startup sound and jingle as well as a Original Grey image in the back...

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