New Graveyard Keeper update adds golems to do your busywork

Your deadend job just got some deadbeat helpers.

Hello Neighbor will have us housebreaking on Friday

To celebrate the long wait, developer Dynamic Pixels gives two trailers ahead of launch.

Be careful of your neighbour in Hello Neighbor

No gore, but all the scares. What is your neighbour's dark secret?

Review: Mr Shifty (PC)

When Hotline Miami meets Nightcrawler, you get some daring bullet-dodging fisticuffs.

Review: The Final Station (PC)

The world barely survived the first time the visitors came. Now the second visit is here and your passengers are counting on you.

Party Hard is bringing the murder spree to mobile

Sometimes you need some murder on-the-go. Maybe you aren’t the most social of people and being with large crowds of people makes you feel anxious, or even unwell. Maybe the music is too loud and you can’t hear what the people around you are saying. Then you probably want Party Hard Go for iOS and Android. It is coming out later this year and it looks like it translates pretty well to v...

Microsoft acquires live streaming service Beam

The Xbox One launched with Twitch streaming functionality built-in, so it is fair to say that Microsoft understands how big the live streaming scene is. Now it is taking things further by acquiring Beam, a live streaming service that allows for interaction with the game of the streamer. You can watch Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) talk to the CEO of Beam Interactive Matt Salsamendi  about Beam and ...

There are some dodgy things happening at G2A, and you should know about it

To date G2A has provided a fantastic service to PC gamers around the world. Should you end up with a key for a game you already own it makes good sense to sell it off and 1.) make some money back to assist with your next purchase 2.) be the buyer who buys the key at a discounted cost. It’s a service that’s been available for many years and gamers, even here on our shores, have been enj...

Review: Party Hard (PC)

A colourful romp of mass-murder, poisoned food and conga lines while sharks fall from the sky.

Review: No Time to Explain Remastered (PC)

“I am you from the future, No Time To Explain, follow me to-ARGHAWAWAA”

Review: Divide By Sheep

Possibly the cutest yet most evil math puzzle game you will ever play.

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