Too many games

Opinion: There are just too many games, man

We all complain that we have too many games. But why is that?

5 ways to tackle your backlog

Do you have a problem with your backlog? Are there just too many games to get through? Maybe these pointers will help you out.

E3 2017 Conference: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft unveils their smallest yet the most powerful console to date and invites you to feel true power

The Burning Question: Are there too many games being released these days?

You know, gamers complain so much. We are a real needy bunch. When there is a drought we’ll voice our opinions, especially towards the months of May, June and July (me included), but this time I’m here with a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time – are there too many games being released these days? I’m sure by now you are all finding that you’re barely coping with the recent onslaug...

One guy owns more than half of the games on Steam

If you thought your backlog / game collection was big, you have to see this guy’s account. Japan-based PalmDesert has a Steam level over 1,000. Yeah, mine is nowhere near that. The level is so high that Valve didn’t even have a proper icon made for level 1,000 when PalmDesert got there. He owns 5,029 games, with 3,372 pieces of DLC. Five thousand games. Steam’s entire library is ...

Burning Question: Are you dealing with too many games at once?

This one might not be a burning question for everyone, but it is a serious issue in my life. Imagine you sit down to relax, you have the next five hours free. Time for some games. But… which game… do I finish that title that I was told gets better after the beginning I didn’t enjoy? Do I restart a game I love, because we need that happy place? Or do I check who is online and play...

Do we have too many games?

This past weekend I was sitting and staring at my backlog. I had that feeling, you know it I am sure, where you have so many games you want to play that you can’t decide which to play. You end up staring at your games for 30 minutes or so, get ready to pick one out, put the disc in and then switch off the TV and go raid the cupboard. Yes, procrastination 101. It got me thinking about the ind...

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