Madden NFL 15 Sacks the Quarterback With This Trailer

It’s a crying shame that more people don’t play the Madden games in this country. It’s probably a mixture of reasons, including not knowing how the sport works, and also because it’s not played here. Well forget whatever you think you know or don’t know about the sport, because irrespective of that, the Madden games are worth giving a go. To this day, EA’s Madde...

UFC Demo ‘Hits’ PS4, New Gameplay Trailers Shown

At E3 in 2012 EA announced, at their conference, that they had attained the rights for UFC from THQ. There was a lot of excitement knowing that the ever-growing MMA sport would be getting the EA touch. EA then announced that the game would only be releasing in 2014, leaving many a little sad, but understanding of the fact that EA wanted to put some good time into development. Last year it was conf...

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