Burning Question: Do Achievements/Trophies diminish a game’s replayability?

Who is in charge here, you or the trophies and achievements?

Indie developer sold game with easy trophies to fund next game

It seems that putting easy trophies in games is one way to get them to sell, even if they're horrifically bad.

Sony launches My PlayStation for easy access to your profile via a browser

Here is another method to get access to your PlayStation profile.

Trophies may not be pointless, you can potentially earn money from them (in the US)

Like those shiny little trophies? They might earn you a little bit of pocket money.

WWE 2K18 features sponsored achievements

Instead of microtransactions, 2K is instead opting for sponsors to be a part of your WWE 2K18 achievement and trophy list.

Meet WRAITH017, the person with the most PSN trophies in South Africa

In May last year we chatted to one of the most hardcore ladies you’ll find in gaming here in South Africa, Gamemissy, and today it’s time to look at the person who has a rank of No.1 in South Africa. Search any web site that logs in the trophy count of any PSN player in South Africa and you’ll always find the name of WRAITH017 popping up first, and it’s for good r...

Meet gamemissy, she probably has more Platinum trophies than you have Gold ones


The heart of SA Gamer has always been our forum. There are numerous wanderers of the interwebz who show up there and chat about who knows what. One such person I spotted a long time ago was gamemissy (a South African), otherwise known as Adele du Plessis. I always had this thought that I was one of the best Wipeout HD players in South Africa, as I have this massive love for the franchise (and that...

Do you have a proud gaming moment?

Gaming is in itself quite an achievement, they’re expensive, can take a lot of your time and some require lots of skill to complete, but it’s also so worth it in the end. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure there’s one game that you’ve excelled at so well, that you consider it one of your top gaming moments. Last week I finally achieved something I’d been hoping to get for a very long time, t...

GTA: San Andreas HD is now available for PS3

GTA: San Andreas has been available as a PS2 classic on the PS3 for a while now, but Rockstar, very sneakily  we should add, included GTA: San Andreas HD with the PS3 digital games lineup. It’s not reached that crisp 1080P quality, but at 720P it’s still better than the PS2 version was. More so, it now comes with its own set of trophies and will set you back R229.99. It’s essenti...

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